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     Hello everyone.  I am going to discuss you about our dream smartphone. It consist of high features and specifications which is not exist yet because smartphone today has some little flaws so i am going to piece together from some other perfect smartphones. It is awesome to design out dream smartphone for our usage and i would design my Smartphone myself by Google Project Ara.

What Is Google Project Ara ?

google project era


     Project Ara is a development effort to create a modular hardware ecosystem. It has developer module and it was developing effectively then before.  As i wish everyone can dream their smartphone and then can design it by themselves and then can love it to use for life time. It will Awesome in Smartphone world. Internet information about Google’s Project Ara is development work is under Phonebloks, Nexus and Motorola Smartphone companies and it made product users to get eager towards Google Project Ara. I will discuss you in depth with Google Project Ara in upcoming posts.

Let Design Our Dream Smartphone

First of all, search of best smartphone to take the specific features and pieces together to create our dream phone. I would sort from the body of the phone so i take HTC ONE M9.  In this phone body has front facing dual speakers (up to 95db) unfortunately it has little bit slappery so i could like to sharp the edges like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and i could like to take the finish from Nokia Lumia series for soft touch instead overrun metal to easily handle and hold. Now for the screen disply i go with the LG G3 which has 5.5 inch display of True HD IPS + LCD touchscreen (Quad HD – 534ppi). Larger screen size is not a problem with tighter basil. Nexus speaker and soft touch this could be my
pretty feel.
After sorting our phone from outside of the body let move inside the phone. obviously i would like to use the phone with high performance as well so i go with the features. Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 it enough for processing lot of things as well. Now RAM so far best smartphone at high performance having 3GB RAM like Sony Z5 and some mobiles. I think Adreno 420 GPU is enough for dream smartphone. so far i designed some hardware i have to give power for this so we switch over to battery for our dream smartphone. The battery is the important for the high performance mobile but expensive phone are having limited batteries and i am not interested to carry battery power bank so i would like to give 3900 mAh is awesome and it ll be ok with anything.
Hope almost done everything now switch over to Camera for our dream smartphone. I have say that the Sony Camera Senors are awesome but Camera in Iphone 6s Plus is 8 Megapixels  which has high image stabilization even i zoom in to the image make good quality but it not able to record 4k video on this feature so i switch to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has 16-Megapixel and with Sony Camera Sensors.
For storage on the Dream Smartphone i world like to have only in-built memory of 128 GB Memory.
Now i done all designing process, i have to give operating system for my dream Smartphone is Stock Android Lollipop it would be pretty feel on Material design and awesome performance. This would be my Best Smartphone Ever.

My Dream Smartphone Spectifications

  • Water Resistant
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 5.5inch True HD IPS + LCD capacitive Touchscreen
  • ~490 ppi
  • Dual Surrounding Front Facing Speakers ~ 95db
  • Internal 128GB and RAM 3GB


  • Primary – 16 Megapixel, Optical Image Stabilization, 10x optical zoom, Dual-LED Flash
  • Secondary – 5 Megapixel (720p recording)
  • CPU – Quad Core SnapDragon 805
  • GPU – Andreno 420
  • OS – Android Lollipop 5.0 (upgradable to Latest version of Android)
  • Li-Ion 3900mAh Battery (replaceable for future titanium Battery)

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