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Hi, i have experienced in both high traffic website’s and huge database website’s. Always there will be need for fast loading applications as possible but i mostly used to php frameworks like Laravel, CI, Yii2 and CakePHP for Macro web applications. In basic i will see all frameworks are unique different from each others by syntax, drived, files included and etc. from Micro web application project i got a spark of fast loading website that “How fast my application loading like switching over to folders in my desktop ? ” then, the day i got noticed all the rendering time(sec) of all the web application i have developed and planned to find a better solution for optimal and fast macro web application even that run on shared hosting too. I have got more relavent infomation how Facebook and Google loading that much fast, Info about HipHop for php by facebook, C extension based PHP framework called phalcon, PHP7 as more faster then before and lot of information regarding it. Also keeping my mind to develop a person macro application which have to handle both high traffic and huge database with better security.

some important facts of php framework loading varies by Requests per Second, Memory Usage and Filed Included to Render. Its all matter to determine the execution time/render of web page. I have gathered and benchmarked data of PHP frameworks and also with no framework (due to PHP7 entry). Out of the 5 frameworks tested  Phalcon and Codeigniter 3 produced the most top requests per second and least memory usage. Laravel 5.2 produced the least requests per second and the most memory usage. But Phalcon is 2 times faster than Codeigniter 3.1.0.

Framework Memory File Included Request Per Second
No Framework 0.30 0 5241.90
Phalcon 0.27 60 1,746.90
CI 3.1 0.43 20 850
Yii 2 1.78 80 380
CakePHP 3 1.37 100 207.07
Laravel 5 2.76 70 91.60

Inspiring results at the end. No-framework tops due to no files included. all the test were made under same environment. at last i have decided to develop own framework on PHP 7 for better fast and aimed between Phalcon and CI.
inspired by kenjis

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