Install XAMPP on CentOS / RHEL [How]

Lets learn how to install XAMPP for centOS / RHEL 6.5. In basic XAMPP is available for Windows,MAC OSX,Solaris and Linux(WAMP, MAMP, SAMP, LAMP). its simplied installation of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Pear also PHPMyAdmin one single package.

Note :   XAMPP providing PHP5.5 to latest upgrade PHP7.0.9 for cross platform installation.

Install XAMPP on CentOS/RHEL 6.5

Download XAMPP

you can download any version which suits for your script or server application. We recommend you to download latest version available in apachefriend website download it from here and also from Sourceforge. or try alternative (simple) method mentioned below.

Transfer Package of XAMPP

You can download the XAMPP package and upload it your server through FTP Client or alternatively, you can directly download the package to server using server terminal.

Executable permission to XAMPP Package

Give executable permission to downloaded XAMPP script.In our case, we have downloaded the file 

Now to Run XAMPP installer

Run the XAMPP installer script.While script is running,it will ask some question.Give the answer as per your requirement. The script will install the XAMPP stack in /opt/lampp directory. You can change this path at the time of installation.

After entering the above script terminal will ask installation path and it will install XAMPP in you server like below

Allow ALL network to access XAMPP Server

(if security error in Xampp cause forbidden error of server on xampp path)

Edit the last section of file called httpd-xampp.conf.Add new line Require all granted and comment the line Require local by using # sign

Restart all Xampp services

it will stop all services and restart all those services

Cross Checking Installation

open both website/Ip url and PHPMyAdmin url of you server which you have installed Xampp server. it shows the completion of working stage.

Share the Installation method to those still installing individual PHP, SQL, PERL, Apache, PHPMyAdmin and etc. This is the simplified form of installation for basic server configaration for CMS and PHP frameworks. Thank you



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